About us

The pursuit of beauty is a lifestyle if anything is. Facelifts and tummy tucks are no longer the privilege of the rich and the famous, any woman can have all these and many more body slimming and skincare treatments, and an increasing number of women do. Tons of innovative beauty tech available on the market helps you look and feel great. At Norshuan, we believe that your slimming and skincare routine is as good as the products you use. Therefore, we specialize in designing and manufacturing health and beauty tech equipment that benefits you just like healthy foods to shape up your appearance. Reaping major benefits from the technological advancements, we have incorporated the latest technology to bring you the best slimming and skincare products so that you have everything you right at your fingertips. Our personal home-used beauty devices will be absolutely convenient, safe, and affordable, this providing a plethora of benefits that aren’t available in commercial settings. Norshaun have everything you need.



Advanced solutions to your skin problems

Whether you are a small-scale salon, spa business owner or enjoy your own beauty creativity at home, we have the essential equipment to treat obesity and skin conditions. By implementing our knowledge and experience in the field of biotech and engineering, we combine and refine some of the most popular home-use beauty technologies, which often used to treat obesity and skin condition, for instance, light therapies, microcurrent, sonic/ultrasonic vibration, heat & cold therapy etc.

We value your investment

The developing trend toward personal home-use treatment is being boosted by the healthy lifestyle demand, and thanks to the modern advanced technology, the miniaturization of beauty and healthcare devices are become more convenient, safe, and affordable, and often provide benefits for consumers that aren’t available in commercial settings. The global patent landscape indicates the growing shift from professional beauty device innovation to a focus on personalized devices. We are dedicated to deliver home-used beauty technological devices at a competitive price range, yet maintain high efficiency, functionality and safety standard. When you take skincare and health improvement as seriously as we do, that’s exactly what Norshuan brings you so that you get great value for your investment.


To be recognized by the quality, design, development, and manufacture of home-used beauty technological devices that help professionals and end-users meet the highest quality standards.